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keeping track of projects that matter

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NewReleases is a simple service to get notifications about new version releases from many programming platforms, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Python PyPI, Node.js NPM and Yarn, Java Maven, Ruby Gems, PHP Packagist, .NET NuGet, Rust Cargo, Docker Hub, SourceForge, Debian GitLab, Freedesktop GitLab, Gnome Gitlab and KDE GitLab.


Why use this service?

Projects are created every day. Few of these stick with you, few become a part of your work-life and few become essentials. These projects are seldom alone, they are built with several working parts like pieces of a lego. As this list grows, it becomes harder to keep track of new releases of these softwares/apps/projects.

It is crucial to track new releases.

  • These releases may contain a fix for the bug you are struggling with.
  • Fix for venerability that may compromise your system.
  • A new feature that can reduce ever growing complexity of your code
  • An optimization in terms of memory,speed or anything else.
  • You are waiting for a stable release to use it in production

There are many more scenarios where watching project’s development can benefit you. Using, this is a breeze!!


  • Track project releases
  • Import from file, can be project/framework/language specific or just plain text with urls
  • Receive notifications hourly,daily,weekly basis as per your preference
  • Organize projects with tags
  • API
  • For teams/collaborations they offer organizations

Getting notified

As of the time of writing this post. Newreleases supports delivering notifications via

Notification samples

Mail Notification
Telegram Notification

Getting started

Getting started is as simple as filling this simple form and verifying your email or using Sign In with on same page. After login, You can start tracking dependencies of your project by simply uploading your requirements.txt for python projects, package.json for node projects. Check for Import From section for more details.


Raise request
I have been using this service since June-2020 and not a day goes by where I don’t use it. There is a limit of 250 repos. You can’t add more repositories once this cap is reached. I requested them for more, and they generously doubled it. Though not mandatory, You can buy them if you find their offering useful.


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